The Currie Brothers
The 1994 album 'Versatility' can be downloaded below
1. Bobby Gardiner's Favourite
    Merlin's Reel by Tom Currie
     Smugglers Gold  by Tom Currie
     King Of The Rails  by Tom Currie

2. Every Time (Vocal)
3. Hava Nagila
4. Crying In The Rain 
5. Hammer On The Anvil
     Judge's Dilemma
6. Molly  (Vocal)
7.  Flying Scotsman
8. The Water Is Wide 
9. The Bare Necessities
      I Wanna Be Like You
10. Whiskey In The Jar 
11. Delilah
12. The Black Bear
        Glasgow Police Pipers

Jim Currie - Vocals, Accordion (3,7,11), Piano, Guitar
Tom Currie - Accordion, E. Bass, Back, Vocals. Keyboards
Liam Currie - Banjo, Guitar, Accordion (9), Clarinet, Others
Versatility CD Cover
Versatility Album 1994
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Some other audio tracks ...
Clarinet Polka (2004)  
Boum Mussette (1982)